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Meet Ed

Edward “Ed” Eldred’s entire legal career has prepared him to serve the people of North Carolina on the North Carolina Court of Appeals. Having grown up and raised his family here, Ed knows our state and brings the most relevant experience to his judicial candidacy. His dedication to upholding constitutional freedoms is unwavering. As a Democrat vying for this crucial position, Ed will preserve the rights of all North Carolinians and restore balance to the Court.


Over the past decade as one of the most well-respected appellate attorneys in North Carolina, Ed has stood up for people from all over our state. His commitment to justice is rock-solid, as evidenced by his passionate advocacy for his clients who had no one else to fight for them. Ed’s successful and extensive work in front of both the North Carolina Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals ensures he is ready to serve on the bench as a judge on day one!


Electing Democrat Ed Eldred is pivotal to restoring balance to the Court of Appeals. With his strong and thoughtful dedication to fair, equitable rulings and extensive legal experience, Ed stands as a beacon for safeguarding the rights and liberties of all North Carolinians. Vote Ed Eldred for Judge!

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